Elect Deirdre McKeel

Bremerton City Council District 5

The City of Bremerton, along with most of the country, is still recovering from the economic down turn – five years later. To change this, we need to re-think what we are doing. Old approaches are not working – and will not work, no matter how many times they are re-packaged and re-tried. We face new challenges that require new approaches and new solutions.

Just as our children learn in Bremerton School District’s STEM program – we must think outside the box! Just as our children are engaging and positioning themselves to be the future, we must position Bremerton to be the place for them to grow up in and succeed in. Just as we hear promises about what Bremerton could be, we must stop promising and get down to the real work of getting it done.

The future is here – today! Success tomorrow means developing the foundation for a vibrant economy – today! We must build into our Bremerton communities the infrastructure that attracts, nurtures and invests in the innovators, entrepreneurs, existing community businesses and residents. We must set a standard that envisions growth as both a personal and a community success, yet does not do so at the expense of resources we can not reclaim or reuse. The technology is here. It is time to embrace it and move forward.

I have the knowledge, skill, experience and desire to represent your interests in the Bremerton City Council, District 5 position. I am Deirdre McKeel. Please join me in building Bremerton’s promising future – our promising future – by electing me to be our voice in moving Bremerton forward.